About Us

Why Choose StratEye Glass Repair Whatever your car glass repair work needs, StratEye Glass Repair can help. We've remained in the windscreen repair work business since 2006 and we supply vehicle glass repair work to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our specialists can fix most glass damage in around 20 minutes. If you discover a chip, get your windscreen fixed as quickly as possible to keep it from breaking, leading to the need for a costly replacement. Capture it early and a quick, and an inexpensive repair work might be all you need.

Mission and vision Very same day consultations are frequently offered Offer us a try! Bring your car to us for specialist rock chip repair work, and we'll treat you well. No covert expenditures.

1. Our Delta Kits Accredited Technicians will

2. Check your damage and identify if repair work is ideal for you.

3. Clean any particles or wetness from the chip.

4. Inject cutting edge resin to fill the chip.

5. Seal the damage and treat the resin with a UV light.

6. Get rid of any excess resin to make sure a smooth surface area.We do refrain from doing replacement of any kind, just professional StratEye repair work.